Each bouquet is a testament to the idea that great things come in small packages. Artfully designed with a selection of seasonal blooms, these compact arrangements are perfect for conveying heartfelt messages and adding a touch of nature’s beauty to any space.


Contact the artist to inquire about purchasing the original paintings.

Prints that are smaller than the original paintings are available on watercolor paper or canvas through Fine Art America.

Contact the artist to inquire about using images. All images contain a traceable Digimarc digital watermark.

April Angel


You are More than They have Told You

Magnum Opus: an Allegory of Spiritual Alchemy

The stages of spiritual transformation in alchemical texts are often represented by birds.

The Silent Witness of Civilizations Past and Those Yet to be Born

The sphinx continues his eternal watch as many civilizations rise and fall during the earth’s history.

The Serpent’s Gift

This painting was inspired by a dream in which a large snake that stood fully erect sprang upon me and wrapped me in his coils. He then laid his head upon mine and looked into my eyes. At the moment I thought I would die, he released me. I felt something and looked at my wrists. Each wrist had two fang marks that issued a drop of blue liquid or blood that turned red and transformed into a blue/red bud that blossomed. The flowers were Rose of Sharon.


A human embryo attains a soul.

Urban Mystic

The urban mystic finds solitude but also a form of imprisonment in the center of a labyrinth made of the “comforts” and obstacles of society that could help or hinder a life dedicated to spiritual growth.

The labyrinth is surrounded by Neurons that look similar to trees during the winter.

Nuclear Dreams: the Fear of Extinction Before Enlightenment

A dreaming woman wrapped in a bed sheet watches from afar as the earth burns in a nuclear explosion and agonizing souls flee into the fiery night sky.

This painting was inspired by an apocalyptic dream of the devastation of the earth by nuclear means.

The Pearl

A woman wakes from a bed where she has been sleeping in a cave in the side of a mountain made of material possessions.

As she emerges, she becomes aware of an angel who holds a very special “pearl”.

In the Image of the Universal Mind

Our spiritual anatomy is mirrored and concealed to a degree in our physical anatomy. The essence of the unseen aspects informs that of the physical.

Resurrection Island

Three figures are spiritually reborn as they rise from cubicle coffins beneath an alchemical tree growing on a mysterious island in the mercurial sea.

When the Doors of Perception are Opened Everything will Appear to Man as It Is, Infinite and Conjoined.

The title of this painting was inspired by a quote by William Blake and the helix nebula.

Know Thyself

The Psyche’s Journey Through the Underworld



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